3 Reasons It Can Be Hard to Scale Lead Generation With an In-House Sales Team

Outbound prospecting, which is a lead generation method that sees companies reach out to people who may be interested in their services, may lead to an increase in sales. However, taking on this type of dialing and calling as an in-house sales team may be less than ideal. Many businesses choose to turn to an outside company, such as Alliance, because it can be hard to achieve the right scale with an in-house team, especially a sales team. Here are three reasons this is a challenging endeavor:

  1. Not Enough Resources: Adding an extra responsibility to an already busy team may create chaos. Many sales teams given this extra responsibility find themselves spending up to 20 percent of their time researching new prospects. That’s almost a complete work day spent not making sales. When you expect an existing team to start generating leads to increase sales, you may come to realize you do not have enough personnel to do the task well.
  2. Access to Technology Is Limited: Outbound calling requires a complicated technology stack. Not all businesses, especially those that are smaller, will have easy access to this type of technology. Even with the right access, companies may find themselves struggling to train employees to properly use the technology.
  3. Timeline is Tight: When a business looks to generate leads, speed is often seen as a virtue. Some companies may expect their dialing to lead to an increase in their sales overnight. However, this is unlikely to happen. An in-house team will require new programs to be built internally, which can take time. Then the team will have to get used to making new calls for lead generation rather than sales. Add it all up and most businesses don’t start seeing actual leads until about nine months into the new process.

Some businesses will see better lead generation through an outsourced team because the resources and technology already exist, which makes the timeline easier to meet. If you want to increase sales, Alliance may be able to help.

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