Are You Providing a Pain-Free Experience for Customers and Leads?

When you’re interested in making a purchase, ready to buy or need customer service, you have expectations about the experience you’ll have. After the interaction, it can be said that those expectations are either met, exceeded or not satisfied. When you’ve come to expect poor service at a local business, you may find yourself giving sales to a competitor.

With customers continually demanding faster, easier customer service, it’s wise to analyze how your firm is doing in this regard. The following questions will help you to examine certain business functions for improvement.

Key Questions About Lead Generation

  • How many fields are displayed on your company’s lead form? Fewer fields means a greater chance you’ll increase customer engagement and receive a lead.
  • Are leads given the chance to choose a date and time for a call back or demo? Of course, you also want to be confident that appointments are being met by your staff.

Two Considerations About Your Organization’s Website

  • Is it attractive? People are more likely to pursue engagement if they like what they see. If you’re not investing enough in graphics and responsive design, it may be costing you sales.
  • Is it searchable? Make it easy on users to find the information they need by implementing a functional search engine that lives in the header of all pages.

Analyze Your Self-Service Offerings

  • Is the solution center open to all? Unless you have a really good reason not to, your content should live in the public domain. Most users already have enough logins to manage, and you want leads to have access to the same information as customers so they’ll know what to expect if they convert.
  • Are articles concise? When content is unnecessarily verbose, readers may have the tl;dr (too long; didn’t read) reaction. Additionally, a live agent chat option can help customers find a solution to issues even when they don’t understand the best written articles.

Easier isn’t just about convenience, it’s about expectations. Each painless interaction and chat gives your staff and website more opportunities to adorn the greatness of the product or service that your organization provides.

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