Best Practices for Improving Customer Service to Increase Sales

Customer service is the buzzword that every company tries to keep in focus at all times. If your customers aren’t happy with your product, service, or the people they work with from your company, your brand will quickly run out of leads. Proper customer service includes personalized service, engagement and real solutions to common customer problems. All this can increase sales and turn your customers into loyal fans of a particular brand.

Customer service is particularly important in a call center setting, as there is no face to face interaction, and often the agent isn’t given enough information to create a personal connection with the caller in enough time to develop a relationship. Regardless of the size of your business, the level of customer care and engagement can make or break your financial success. In order to improve your customer service, we have five best practices to share with any employee or agent.

Better Basic Customer Service Skills

We’ll start with the most basic customer service skills, because your agents can’t build until they have a solid foundation. A good customer service expert uses the following to engage and connect with a caller:

  • Clear communication
  • Knowledge
  • Adaptability
  • Work ethic
  • Patience, empathy and consistency
  • Thick skin

Your agents must know your product, see through the problem to the solution and not be easily rattled by complaints and objections from your customers.

Improve Interactions With Customers

If you only have one chance to prove your product is the best, you have to be ready to take advantage of it. Your agents must be able to relate to customers effectively in order to increase sales. Some ideas for improving customer interactions include:

  • Identifying shared interests with customers your agents help.
  • Use active listening to ensure that customers feel their complaints are heard.
  • Admit mistakes when you have made them.
  • Always follow up after a problems is resolved.

Your customers want to feel that you are human just like them, and that you understand where their concerns are coming from.

Enhance Your Strategy

Your staff must also use organizational strategies in order to keep customers happy. Proactive customer service ensures that your customers are happy before they even have a problem. A few strategies that can help include:

  • Increased availability through different channels, including video calls, extended hours and a physical address if possible.
  • Cater to every customer by providing VIP treatment to those who meet your criteria. Use interviews, focus groups and surveys to get ideas about what special services your customers would respond to.
  • Tailor every response to be personal. Don’t use automated email responses. Use all aspects of social media to connect on a personal level with your customers.
  • Treat your customers are if they are important members of a community. Use interactive websites, social media, webinars, conventions and trade shows to create a community.

If you get personal with your customers and approach them on their preferred level, they are more likely to remain loyal to your brand.

Option for Feedback

The best way to determine what your customers want is simply by asking them. What do they like to hear from your reps or agents? What were they unhappy with? Give them an outlet to provide feedback after every call or interaction. Try an email or phone survey to learn exactly what makes them happy and where you need improvement. Feedback is vital to improving customer service. Don’t waste your time fixing things that aren’t broken when your customers can tell you what they want to see change with a simple survey.

We Can Help

Here at Alliance DMS, we provide professional call center services that allow you to focus on improving your customer service. We specialize in appointment setting and lead generation to help you improve your ROI. With experienced communicators, the best management team and qualified IT experts, you make your customers happy. Call us today to learn more at 800-706-0608.

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