Better Brand Recognition Through Marketing

No matter how fantastic your b2b products are, it’s unlikely that anyone’s going to use them if they aren’t aware of your company or the brand that goes with it. Alliance DMS can not only help take care of your calls, we can also help you with any brand recognition goals you have.

Let Businesses Know You Exist

You can’t expect to be voted into an office if no one even knows you’re running, and the same is true when it comes to becoming a successful company. Use social media networks, content marketing and email marketing to spread the word about what you can do and how you do it. This is instrumental to lead generation, and can build your reputation if you put in the proper amount of time and energy into the message you’re sending out.


Spend Time on Your Business Logo and Name

Before boosting your b2b signal, make sure you first have a unique business name and logo worth remembering. Both should reflect exactly what your company does. As part of brand recognition, your logo should be immediately recognizable without the name attached to it. Few people want to do business with a company with an uninspired name and/or logo, so be sure to give yours the time and energy they rightfully deserve.


Harness the Power of Social Media

Taking a moment to shift your focus back to the first tip, be sure you use your social media channels to their full potential, which is primarily lead generation. Because you’re a b2b company, LinkedIn will likely become your primary means of connecting with potential customers and sharing content that can build your professional reputation. Facebook is also great for marketing/advertising and keeping up with your clients, who likely have pages of their own. Use YouTube to share videos related to using your products, demonstrations and tutorials.


Know What Your Customers Need

Reach out to your customers every now and then to make sure you’re truly delivering what they want and what they expect. You don’t want to invest months of resources, time, energy and money into direct marketing only to discover that you were completely missing your intended mark the entire time. Because it’s easier than ever to connect with your audience, it’s just as easy to compile information on taking proper care of them. Individuals are more likely to recognize a brand that’s invested in catering to their needs and is always wanting to improve.


Focus on More Than Just Sales

There’s no better way to pester someone than to become known as a business that’s always trying to sell something rather than contribute something. What this means is you should occasionally let selling take a backseat to educating your target audience and sharing useful information with them. Blogs are a great way to inform readers of industry news, teach them how to get more out of your products and know more about your interests as a company. Adding some variety to your indirect and direct marketing efforts makes your company seem more human and well-rounded, both of which are instrumental to building a more recognizable and well-regarded brand.


Make it Personal

Be sure you don’t fall into the habit of treating customers like numbers instead of flesh-and-blood human beings. Whenever you send an email, make a recommendation or inform a customer of a special, you want the individual to feel as if the correspondence was composed just for him/her. Take the time to learn names, preferences, buying habits and schedules. While it might take a lot of effort, your diligence is sure to put a smile on your customer’s face.


Creating an easily recognizable brand is often as only as difficult as you make it. Put more of your focus on the customer and less on your brand, and you’re sure to be the talk of the business town.

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