Build Customer Loyalty With Smart Direct Marketing

Better business isn’t just about finding new customers, although that is definitely the first step. The next step, however, and the ultimate goal, is to keep customers coming back for your products or services. If you are successful with those two steps, you’re doing something right and you want to keep replicating the process. An effective direct marketing strategy is key. As an industry leading contact center, Alliance dives into the deep end of this pool on a daily basis, starting with the outbound lead generation that generates B2B results and more.

Do Your Homework

Putting together a variety of information about your prospective customer will be a great help as a marketing strategy is being developed. You need to ask some pertinent questions about the individuals or businesses you want to reach:

  • What do they need (everybody needs something)?
  • How do they use the products or services you can provide?
  • What is the best way for you to communicate with them?

You can use this kind of information to customize messages for different groups. One group may be interested in your innovative gardening widget while another may be passionate about buying plants that attract butterflies. Master gardeners may need the best fertilizer they can find for growing prize daylilies, and it so happens you can provide it.

Developing Your Outreach

While you may very well sell your products to individuals, you may also sell to businesses; for example, garden centers that could stock your widgets and your terrific fertilizer. You might have developed some personal relationships locally, but what you want is to expand, to reach customers of all kinds, including garden centers across the country. Multiple communication channels should be considered, but a multi-faceted approach is both time-consuming and labor-intensive. This is why businesses like yours often rely on a contact center like Alliance for outbound lead generation services that include email and phone prospecting.

The Key to Successful Direct Marketing

Once you’ve determined who your audience is and have developed a strategy for reaching the various groups in that audience, you must remember to include the most important feature of direct marketing: the call to action. There are many ways to phrase this. You might ask your contact to call in order to learn more. You might direct both individual gardening enthusiasts and garden centers to your website to look for your full line of products, check out shipping information and place their orders. You might also have an online newsletter to which prospective customers can subscribe; a newsletter is a good tool with which to capture new email addresses for further communication.

Your Expert Lead Generation Team

Some business people rely on their sales departments to bring in new leads. Added to their usual day-to-day work, the task of researching new prospects often creates a stressful situation. You would do well to consider turning the job over to an outside resource, a team of people experienced with an outbound lead generation who are experts in using the technology required, can hit the ground running and who are focused on building your sales. Compare this to training an in-house team and getting a suitable program established, and the effort of prospecting for new customers could take months.

Putting the Pieces Together

Once your direct marketing campaign in underway, your Alliance lead generation team can answer email or phone inquiries and manage the call to action responses. They can also help potential customers understand your product line, thereby boosting interest. Whether you are interested in increasing individual orders or are looking for more B2B sales, you definitely want new customers who will become repeat customers. With the right marketing strategy and the professionals to implement it, you can get into a groove where replicating a profitable process becomes a normal daily event.

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