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24 Customer Retention Marketing Strategies: How Customer Service Snowballs Growth

It’s common knowledge that it’s less expensive to keep existing customers than it is to acquire new ones. When you take the time to measure customer lifetime value, you realize that the benefits of customer retention compound over time, making it a business best practice. Repeat customers are more likely to buy from you again, […]

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Business Call Centers Aren’t What You Think: How different industries benefit

When you think of call centers, do you think of a dark, chaotic room in another country full of people wearing headsets, drinking coffee, and reading (poorly) from the printed scripts in front of them? Do you assume the telemarketers employed there are busy interrupting family meals with incessant phone calls to push a product […]

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Twists on the Top 3 Lead Generation Strategies for Banks and Financial Institutions

Despite the fact people need financial institutions to navigate most other aspects of everyday life, banks and financial institutions still need to implement lead generation strategies that distinguish them from their competitors. At first glance, this list may seem like common sense. Read the explanations to better understand how to use these familiar strategies in […]

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Compliance, Lead Generation, and Your Brand Reputation

Compliance complicates business processes, to say the least, but it’s essential to maintaining your brand reputation. So how does a bank, hospital, or business owner navigate the labyrinth effectively and efficiently? It starts with understanding how compliance, lead generation, and branding work together. Corporate Compliance With an increasing number of federal laws, regulations, and guidelines […]

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9 Things Your Customer Journey Map Should Include

In our last post we talked about what customer experience mapping is. Now we take it a step further by laying out what should be included on your customer journey map. Below are nine essential items. The buyer persona To adequately empathize with your customers, you have to understand who they are. You may have […]