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What Is Customer Experience Mapping?

Customer experience mapping (also known as customer journey mapping) is an exercise companies use to discover and remedy trouble spots customers encounter in their interactions with a company or a product. Essentially, it’s an effort that requires a business to put itself in the customer’s shoes to be better able to empathize with customers and […]

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Lead Generation: Targeted Marketing Efforts Improve the Bottom Line

Mobile devices, constant access to the Internet and customer review sites are changing the way businesses work with customers and handle direct marketing.  Whereas before your call center agents memorized or read a script verbatim, now agents are asked to adapt and keep the flow of a conversation going. In order to do so, they […]

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How Customers Think Shapes Marketing Strategy

Putting together a fresh, dynamic marketing strategy starts with market research. You want to find out everything you can about potential customers: what they want, what they buy, how they think. The more you understand about their motivating factors, the better prepared you will be to meet their needs with your products or services. Direct […]

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Build Customer Loyalty With Smart Direct Marketing

Better business isn’t just about finding new customers, although that is definitely the first step. The next step, however, and the ultimate goal, is to keep customers coming back for your products or services. If you are successful with those two steps, you’re doing something right and you want to keep replicating the process. An […]

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Establishing a Leadership Culture at Your Business Should Be Your Next Big Move

If “leadership culture” sounds like one of those buzzwords that have recently sprung up in the business world, think again. It is an important concept that has a big impact on how work gets done at the management level. It is so important, in fact, that a poor leadership culture can easily result in the […]