For over 10 years, Alliance has been helping some of the world’s leading organizations improve their eCommerce and service results via live chat customer service. Understanding your website visitors’ statistics, chat solution is configured and installed in way that monitors web site visitors page views, identifies hot prospects, engages prospects with targeted o­ffers, and converts hot prospects into customers. When a company partners with Alliance, they can be rest assured that their online sales and service goals will be met and even exceeded right from the start. Through its Live Chat Services, Alliance has proven results and benefitted many Fortune 100 clients in customer acquisition, lead generation, sales and customer services. As part of a dedicated program, live-chat can be an integral channel to communicating with your customers. Alliance’s brand specialists use our advanced training and technology to interact with customers quickly and effectively. Live Chat Solutions Reaching today’s customers means reaching out to them, in some cases, first. Alliance utilizes a proactive chat feature that can be enabled on a program-by-program basis. Using unique triggers, your Alliance’s brand specialists can help answer questions and close sales on your behalf.

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