Effective Ways to Boost Your B2B Market Share

No matter how passionate you may be about your company and the changes you wish to make in your industry, you have to admit that sales and your total market share are instrumental to your ability to fuel your passions and desires. Alliance DMS want to share a few useful ways to increase your total share of the b2b market and improve the future of your business.


Pair Complementary Services and Products

Just like peanut butter and jelly, there may be a complementary product or service that makes for a great match to your current wares or services. For instance, if you sell office equipment, pairing it with an equipment maintenance plan is an easy and effective way to boost your sales. Just because you have a b2b company doesn’t mean your direct marketing efforts can’t extend to the b2c realm. When it comes to this tip, make sure the complementary product or service isn’t too complex or a burden to either party.


Maintain a 24/7 Presence

Another way to increase your total market share is to expand your operating hours without necessarily expanding your manpower. While you may not be able to answer questions and fill orders after operating hours at a brick-and-mortar store, you can by opening an online store. In addition to your products or services, you can also make it easy for customers to get answers to their questions and learn more about how your services or products work. If you already have an online store, do some market research to see if there are improvements you can make.


Expand Your Geographic Reach

As you’re looking over your direct marketing strategy, you may discover that there are some geographic areas that neither you nor your competitors have served. Even if your  business is a small one, it might not cost as much as you think to establish an additional location, and it just might be worth it if it does.


Put all of the market research you’ve done to good use to discover additional steps you can take to claim your piece of the market pie. Keep up with trends, follow industry leaders and always be on the lookout for opportunity.

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