Five Ways Your Call Center Agents can Increase Efficiency and Sales

Once you’ve done your market research and identified who your target customers are, you have an edge on the best ways to sell your product. Whether calls are coming in, going out, or you are working on a B2B campaign, your agents must are essentially the tool used to sell your product, service, company and brand. In an effort to increase both efficiency and sales in your call center, we have five best practices for call center agents.

In the past, it was easy enough for call center agents to do some direct marketing, but in today’s world, consumers are more informed than ever. No longer is it productive to simply follow a script when taking or making a call. Rather than simply taking customer information and inputting it into a system to complete an order, call center agents must come up with creative, adaptive selling techniques that increase sales numbers.

1. Build Rapport and Trust Quickly

Market research shows that your customers want to feel that you are really invested in them and in keeping them happy. They want to know that your products are designed with them in mind, and that your support team is not just here for direct marketing, but to help make their lives better. Offering more personalized information during the call can help your agents make a sale and build customer trust and rapport quickly.

2. Identify Customer Needs

The more information your call center agent has readily available to them, the more successful they can be. Aid your agents in identifying customer needs by having the following information available to them from beginning to end.

  • Caller demographics
  • Purchasing history
  • Previous voicemails, call recordings, social media posting and emails

This provides better insight into what the customer wants and allows your agents to offer more personalized service.
3. Learn About the Service or Product

Even with the best lead generation, call center agents can’t sell a thing if they don’t know your service or product inside and out. Provide them with information about what products are selling well, who is buying them and what is less likely to work when selling them. It should also be easy for your agents to access information needed to efficiently and effectively answer objections, concerns or questions that come from the customer.

4. Know the Course

Lead generation is intended to give you an edge on which customers are most likely to buy your products, but it’s up to the agent to determine what the best course of action is during the call. Whether they want to cross-sell or up-sell, they have to decide what the customer is most likely to respond positively to, and which decision will close the biggest deal. Provide data that analyzes the customer’s eligibility for possible sales campaigns or promotions to help your agents better focus their pitches during the call.

5. Executing the Plan

Once the sale has been closed and the customer has made a decision about what they want to buy, the sales agent should be able to quickly close the deal and correctly add any information that is relevant to the transaction. If the agent messes up here, the customer is going to be extremely unhappy when they don’t get what they are promised. Your platform should alert agents when there is missing or incorrect information to ensure that mistakes are minimal.

Let Us Help

Here at Alliance DMS, we provide professional call center services to ensure that you are operating at maximum efficiency and bringing in sales. We help you with lead generation, market research, direct marketing and B2B sales for your call center. When you need consulting services that increase your sales and efficiency, contact Alliance DMS at 800-706-0608.

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