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Hello! This is Agent Name, and I’m calling from the Inside Self-Storage World Expo,

the annual trade show and educational conference where you’ll secure the resources and education you need to build,

manage and grow your self-storage business! Taking place April 19-22 in Las Vegas,

the show features 200 suppliers offering solutions that’ll transform your business.

We also offer an education program where you’ll get the knowledge and resources to meet your personal and business goals and bolster your bottom line!

Early-bird registration pricing expired last week, but I can still register you at the discounted rates, so call me at 6304488062.

Thank you and I look forward to speaking to you.

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Hello, my name is Agent Name , may I speak with Contact Name ?

I’m calling on behalf of the Inside Self-Storage World Expo.

We noticed that you have not registered for the show in Las Vegas that begins April 19-22, with the expo taking place April 20-21.

Are you planning on attending?


I’m sorry to hear that. Although the early-bird registration pricing expired last week, I can still register you at the discounted rates?


ask why, and capture reason


Great! Like I said, I can help get you registered right now over the phone – that way, you can secure the early-bird discount price.? ( Online Registration PROMO CODE = TM10 )


I can email you a link to a PDF of the Show Planner so that you can take a closer look at the highlights

I’ve mentioned and see a list of the sessions and workshops you might like to attend.

show your email address as (state listed email address or capture email address), is that correct? ( CAPTURE )

Great.  Look for my email and call me back so that I can get you registered at that early-bird discount price.

I can be reached at 6304488062.

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If asked more about the show:

•   This is the #1 event to the resources and education you need to build, manage and grow your self-storage operation!

•   We’re offering 42 seminars in six comprehensive tracks: building, innovation, investing, management, ownership, and protection.

•   You’ll meet with 200 companies such as Janus International, Storable, Chateau Products, Sentinel Systems, Extra Space, Mako Steel and U-Haul.

•   There will be 3 Self-Storage Q&A Sessions covering investing and development, management and marketing, and technology and security.

•   Legal expert Jeff Greenberger answer questions in the Legal Q&A open-forum discussion.

•   There will be fast-paced Table Talks which are informal presentations by industry experts.

•   You’ll gain insight on specific products and services through Vendor Presentations from Janus, Baja Carports, BETCO, and  the American Society for Asset Protection.

•   If you’re a property owner or investor, join us for a free tour of Love’s Storage Solutions, where you’ll learn new ways to maximize the return on your investment!


EXPO-HALL PACKAGE:  $185 but I can register you now at $165.

SEMINAR PACKAGE: $615 but I can register you now at $525.

ALL-ACCESS PACKAGE:  $980 but I can register you now at $850.

Send an informational email to the above address after the call is completed
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