Live Chat Elevates Customer Experience to New Level

In a customer-facing business strategy, there are few customer engagement tools as effective as live chat. If your company’s website offers online ordering, an email helpdesk or a link to telephone support, you are on the right track. But research shows that a live chat option goes much farther toward offering your current and potential customers the convenience and immediacy they are looking for. Add to the equation a cost savings and sales boost to companies using live chat, and you have a winning alternative to traditional customer service. Not convinced yet? Take a look at these details about the benefits of live chat.

Customers Talk to “Real Person”

Hands down, this is the most compelling reason to add live chat to your customer service options. Customers love the convenience and immediate assistance they get through live chat. Research shows that 73 percent of customers prefer live chat rather than email (61%) or phone support (44%). We all know that creating a positive impression through strong customer service is key to engaging clients and encouraging customer loyalty. Not only that but when you can offer knowledgeable, speedy resolutions to client problems, you are establishing a trusting relationship with your customers.

Saves Businesses Money

Perhaps second on the list of live chat benefits is the potential cost savings for the company. Most businesses don’t have room in the budget for multiple service representatives who are available around the clock. By choosing a call center to offer 27/7 live chat support, you can achieve high levels of customer engagement without a huge financial investment. Plus, you won’t have regular employees being distracted by customer questions during regular business hours. Phone support is one of the most expensive customer service options, and it usually requires limited hours of availability. Live chat can be available at all times, and agents can handle several calls at once, boosting your customer experience rankings.

Competitors May Not Have It

Right now, there are not a lot of companies that offer live chat options online. By adding it to your customer service arsenal, your business will be a step ahead of your competition, setting you apart in the minds of your current and potential customers. In addition, you can mine positive comments that customers post on social media or on review sites for advertising purposes, giving you another advantage over your competitors.

Opportunity for Enhanced Analytics

Live chat takes information gathering to a new level. You are no longer limited to looking at a list of numbers that only tell you what people bought, what time of day they visited your site and where in the world they live. With live chat you can archive conversations to learn about common customer complaints, what people love or hate about your products and how your offering can be improved. Armed with this additional data, you can make quick adjustments or products or policies and avoid negative reviews that could reach the public domain.

More Sales Opportunity

Statistics indicate that people using live chat for purchasing assistance may spend up to 40% more than those buying online without any customer engagement. Effective agents can suggest additional products or explain why a more expensive option might be the best choice. Of course, having 24-hour support instead of operating just during business hours gives you far more time to log sales. Now, chat operators can reach out to past customers when they visit a company’s site with live invitations to check out related merchandise.

Live chat is a proven tool to create customer engagement and boost customer satisfaction ratings. Plus, the potential cost savings might be monumental for many companies. A live chat option is a win-win tool for everyone who chooses it.

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