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When should you outsource your telemarketing function? The scenarios can vary from company to company but in general, it makes sense to outsource telemarketing for the following reasons:

  • Adding head count is not an option.
  • You’re already stretched too thin and cannot manage another team.
  • You have peaks and valleys in terms of when leads come in (i.e.: during trade show season).
  • You need to get up and running quickly.
  • You want to test new programs without negatively impacting your existing operations.

In-house telemarketing programs often fail because companies don’t plan appropriately, or fail to keep the telemarketing efforts focused on clear objectives. Others can’t get senior management onboard or don’t know how or don’t have the resources to measure the results. And many times, companies are surprised by the costs involved.

Depending on your specific telemarketing needs and resources, you may decide it’s better to outsource telemarketing to a third-party provider instead.

Performance Improvement​

It’s important to realize the vital role call centers play. While customers continue to be empowered by information they can find online, people still turn to the phones for answers to complex questions. Nuance reports that despite the rapid growth of online service tools, 79 percent of consumers would still prefer to talk to a call center representative on the phone. A 2015 study by Forrester showed that of all available customer service channels, online FAQs were most used (76 percent), followed closely by call centers. (73 percent)

The Forrester report also proved that a consumer’s experience with the call center had a great impact on their goodwill toward a company. In instances of a customer experience failure or poor call center etiquette, 64 percent of customers said they would stop recommending the company. And, once a customer’s business is lost after a poor customer service experience, that company only has a 20 percent chance of winning that customer back.

Call center scripts and proper training are more important than ever before, with call center representative jobs expected to grow 12.6 percent by 2022. In fact, what your reps say is just as important as the information and design of your website. If you want customers to recommend your products and services, and want to stand out as a brand, customer service should be one of your top priorities.

Campaign Development​

Outsourcing to professional telemarketing firms not only gives you an immense boost of an advantage in business lead generation but also for B2B appointment setting as well. Through such services, you can hastily acquire a huge level of demand for your products and/or services. This is due to the fact that a professional outbound contact center team will take charge of your marketing campaign by contacting highly targeted decision makers to generate a sufficient or even a high level of demand.

Alliance’s contact center staff exude years of experience to aid organizations target leads from different industries. For more information on how to change your game plan for your business lead generation and appointment setting campaign, contact Alliance today.

In order to be successful in sales, it’s necessary to take a strategic approach to B2B calling campaigns. There are many different B2B sales goals which means that they must each be accompanied by different types of calling campaigns. Before placing a call, the first step is to determine what the specific goal of the call is and then craft a focused calling approach in order to achieve the desired outcome. Trying to do too many things all at once (asking too many questions, keeping the prospect on the phone for too long, etc.) can be a turnoff and result in losing the opportunity altogether.

B2B Win Back

Companies sometimes find their customer relationships need something – a fresh approach, a new voice or a little extra TLC. And then there are companies that have so many customers, their inside sales team can’t stay in contact with them.

If these are your challenges, Alliance’s outbound contact center services can motivate inactive customers to take a fresh look at your products and services. And we do it at maximized efficiency, delivering at an impressively low per-opportunity rate.

In partnership with you, Alliance contact center outsourcing program managers can design a custom campaign optimized to win back customers and support your sales objectives.

Then our highly trained agents will cold call hundreds, or thousands, of existing accounts, generating updated customer data and executing an aggressive appointment setting campaign. Alliance representatives engage with your inactive customers to understand their needs, uncover sales opportunities, identify decision makers and get them re-engaged with your company.

B2B Sales

So many accounts, so much potential revenue – and never enough salespeople. If that’s your challenge, you need Alliance B2B outbound sales.

Alliance contact center campaigns can immediately bolster your existing sales force or we can serve as your inside sales team. Our sales experts work from call guides that are customized by you, for you – our “we are you” philosophy ensures that our front-end communicators act as the best possible front line for you brand. Need help with formulating a call guide? No problem, our management team help create a customized script that outlines your key selling points.

With Alliance, you’ll boost your sales resources without adding more staff. We’ll manage a scalable team of talented sales professionals who focus only on telesales. We’ll be your growth engine. We’ve done it for many businesses across a range of markets, from financial services companies to emerging technologies to manufacturing, and we can do it for you. Our ability to formulate customized contact center initiatives centered around your distinct culture and processes makes us a viable option for small businesses, as well.

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