Alliance has more than 15 years of experience in executing quality assurance initiatives for clients with needs ranging from the hundreds of calls to the millions. Utilizing proactive scoring and a proprietary algorithm we are able to furnish raw data that helps flag processes which need improvement to further better agent performance and, ultimately, better customer satisfaction – increasing the life of the account and the overall profitability of the company.

Customers and businesses, alike, have made it clear that quality of service matters. Things like lack of congruence, lack of knowledge, and even regulatory issues throughout your contact center all work to underserve the company and the client, alike. Alliance provides quality assurance programs to flag problem behavior so that you’ll have a chance to correct it before it costs you a customer. Consistency counts and when it’s supported by metrics, you’ll establish a productive pattern of improvement for the center.

It’s pretty simple: Identify the things that matter, and make sure they’re being done. Monitoring carefully selected KPIs encourages employee behavior that supports your objectives and discourages behavior that lends itself to the contrary.