Successfully Increase Your B2B Sales

Alliance DMS specializes in helping domestic and international companies build and improve their ROI, which we do through more than just taking care of your incoming and outgoing calls. If you operate a b2b company and seek to increase your sales, know there are a few strategies available to help you reach your financial goal.


Make Sure Your Marketing and Sales Teams Are on the Same Page

It’s obvious that sales and marketing go hand in hand, but that doesn’t mean companies aren’t misaligned when it comes to their marketing and sales departments. While you’re conducting market research or determining sales goals, make sure both teams are involved in the same process and that there is a single shared goal rather than two separate goals designed to accomplish the same end. Both departments should play off of each other, meaning that marketing should decide the leads on which the sales team should focus, and marketing should maximize the opportunities in whatever leads the sales team brings in.


Create Buyer Avatars

When developing b2b direct marketing strategies, it’s best that you first create a picture of the type of customer who is most likely to want to buy your services or products. To help with this step, you can conduct market research on your current customers and ask them how they use your products, why they bought your products and if there’s anything they would change about your products. Bear in mind that this avatar may not be exactly who your customer is, but the profile at least gives you a great place to start when it comes to lead generation.


Keep Sales Simple

With both indirect and direct marketing, look at how many steps are between the lead and the conversion. The fewer steps and the easier the sales process, the easier it is for you to know precisely where you might be falling short and where you can improve. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to have no more than four steps in the selling process. This way, your sales team and the customer are less likely to feel overwhelmed.


While you’re working on your strategy for lead generation and boosting sales, be sure to include these tips during the planning process.

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