The Behavior of Happy Customers

Achieving high measures of customer satisfaction is an essential outcome for businesses in every industry. Whether a company’s client base is composed of people within a particular field or the general public customers are an important reflection of business operation. When operations have been optimized in a manner that encourages shopping, repeat business, and making recommendations to others then business decision makers can feel confident that past decisions are paying off in a positive manner. Customer happiness helps company data collectors determine how well the organization is doing and can help analysists forecast future activity. For these and other reasons striving to deliver exceptional customer service must be a primary concern of managers and directors.

Customer satisfaction metrics are valuable analytical tools that can be utilized by companies of all sizes. These yield important data sets that can be used to get an accurate picture of customer behavior and the state of the company in the short- and long-term. Utilizing NPS (net promoter score) or CSAT (customer satisfaction score) analytical tools can be a good way to quantifiably demonstrate customer happiness. There are other indicators of widespread satisfaction that you can watch for, too.

Happy Customers Spend Money

Customers that have had positive experiences with a business are more likely to return, they are more likely to spend more money, and they are more likely to recommend a company to friends. These target outcomes increase revenue and drive accelerated sales.

People that have experienced excellent customer service are likely to spend money along multiple axes, including on items such as:

  • Seasonal products
  • Limited-time promotional items
  • Impulse items or small ticket goods
  • Branded merchandise

Satisfied customers are also much more likely to choose your organization as the source of major purchases as the result of past good experiences. The simple fact that customers are returning, purchasing more items, and telling others about your company demonstrates a strong level of satisfaction.

An Increased Number of First-Time Customers and Referrals

Referrals are an essential method of growth for virtually every organization, especially service providers. Health care providers, trainers, and artists are just a few of the professionals that depend on a strong referral network to increase revenue.

Sometimes customers will mention that they were referred to a service provider. This is perhaps the best indicator of discovering whether referrals are working in your favor. Since it may be impractical to directly ask every customer if they were referred by another client simply including a response field on a CSAT can provide this information effectively.

Companies can drive the referral process by setting up a rewards program that encourages customers to tell others about their service experience. Referrals can be tracked to give customers discounts or other special promotions. This is a good way to encourage customer engagment with your brand and to make referral activity more appealing.

Happy Customers Connect

Company websites, social media accounts, and downloadable apps will see more traffic and engagment as customer satisfaction increases. Given that so many people are utilizing tablet computers, smart phones, and other mobile devices to research companies and make purchasing decisions, increases in web traffic can indicate increased interest in your organization.

Having a robust web presence encourages customer interaction at every stage of the buying process. Your company will have information of value to people researching their next purchasing choice. Positioning your brand an authoritative source can initiate the sales process that results in another satisfied customer.

Customer Service/Engagement

Customer happiness can seem like a mysterious and elusive thing but when examined through several analytical metrics and observational methods certain trends will become evident. Investing in quality analytical tools will help bring about these important results.

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